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30 villages in Udupi to be electricity models as state government announces upscaling project2 min read

November 4, 2020 2 min read


30 villages in Udupi to be electricity models as state government announces upscaling project2 min read

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UDUPI: 30 villages from Udupi district have been chosen to be converted into electricity models villages. The project announced by the Karnataka government includes a new electricity model for five villages from every assembly constituency in the state. It aims to develop the infrastructure in these selected villages.

The villages were selected by the state government representatives. Each MP and MLA identified five villages that called for an urgent upgrade in their respective constituency. The condition of the current electric infrastructure was kept in mind and the villages with the gravest problems were given priority. “ Rs 40 lakh have been allotted to every village for the upscaling project,” said Bhagyashree, Assistant Engineer of the Udupi Circle. The district received Rs 12 crore across the 30 chosen villages as per the budget.

Under this scheme, deteriorated conductors and damaged electricity poles will be replaced and additional transformers will be provided to the villages as per the requirement. Speaking to The Manipal Journal, Narasimha Pandit, Superintending Engineer of the Udupi circle at the Mangalore Electricity Supply Company (MESCOM) said, “The project was announced to deal with general problems such as low voltage and voltage fluctuations. We also noticed some fatal and dangerous incidents where old conductors accidentally fell on animals.” New cables and power lines are also to be installed. The replacements are being made to curb problems to ensure a smooth and unhindered supply of electricity to all villagers.

The government has wrapped up most of the tenders and the contractors that are finalised have been assigned their area of work. The contracts are signed on a turnkey basis, implying that all materials and labour required for the work will be procured by the contractors.  “The turnkey approach will take less time. I think that the project will be completed by the end of December this year,” the Superintending Engineer mentioned.

With the plan of converting villages into electricity model villages, the primary focus is on the most distressed villages that require immediate action. “Improvement works in all villages are taken care of regularly by the government. They may soon plan to expand the project eventually to other villages as well,” stated Pandit.


Featured Image Courtesy: MESCOM official website

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