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11 children seeking alms in Kundapur rescued by the district child protection wing1 min read

November 10, 2020 < 1 min read

11 children seeking alms in Kundapur rescued by the district child protection wing1 min read

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UDUPI: A total of 11 minors including two males and nine females, were rescued by the district Child Protection Unit in the Kundapur market area of Udupi where the children were found seeking alms from the public on November 6.

“None of the children who were begging on the streets are known to be from the local area and most of them have been identified to have come from the nearby regions of Haveri and  Sirsi,” said Sadananda Nayak, Udupi District Child Protection Officer. The children reportedly migrated from their origins for inland fishing opportunities and resorted to begging.

“The operation was part of an occasional investigation done to rescue children who are employed in fishing harbours in our coastal areas,” the officer added. As per the authorities, the investigation conducted by the social workers and concerned organisations suggests an absence of any larger network of beggars and implies that these children are mostly independent.

While there is no essential interference of the police jurisdiction because of the nature of the case involving children, the victims are presented before the Child Welfare Society at Nittur which further executes the process of rehabilitation and recovery for them. The children in such cases, are either handed over to the parents or reported to a shelter or child welfare organisation in the case of their parents being unavailable.

The recovery of these 11 children was preceded by the rescue and recovery of 17 child labourers at the Malpe fisheries harbour at the end of October.


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