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Phase 1 of the Manipal COVID-19 vaccination drive starts its course2 min read

February 1, 2021 2 min read


Phase 1 of the Manipal COVID-19 vaccination drive starts its course2 min read

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MANIPAL: Manipal witnessed the first leg of the Covishield vaccination drive from January 18 to February 1 at Marena Sports Complex, where designated healthcare workers, students and staff members of Kasturba Medical College (KMC) received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The week-long vaccination drive, which ended on Monday had 10 session sites, each aiming to vaccinate 100 people per day. Doctors and nurses working on the frontline were given priority followed by housekeeping staff, students, faculty, technicians, etc.

“We aim to vaccinate 1000 people a day. Over the past five days we have had a 60 percent turn out rate of the 8000 beneficiaries who have been scheduled to get vaccinated,” said Uttam Sharma, Operations Manager for the event. “We plan on crossing the 4000 mark by the sixth day,” he added.

Each of the session site had a designated waiting area for the beneficiaries, vaccination booths and three observation zones were created to streamline the process. Each session site consisted of five people: a security guard, an administrative official who verified the identities of the beneficiaries, a nurse who administered the vaccine, and two interns who monitored the area and handled the overall coordination of the drive.

Vaccination Drive
A frontline worker administers the first dose of the Covishield Vaccine on a beneficiary at Marena Sports Complex // Photograph Courtesy: Prayaag Sengupta


Every individual was asked to wait at the observation zone for 30 minutes after getting the vaccine to check for any reactions or symptoms, after which they could leave the premises. The site was also equipped with an on-ground ambulance and a nurse to administer any medical emergencies or reactions caused by the vaccine. Following the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI), a resident doctor was also available to overlook any emergencies or adverse reactions and address any questions regarding allergies and the vaccine.

The beneficiaries had to get their contact information and documents verified and registered at the waiting area before getting vaccinated.

“The whole process was straightforward and clear. I had some concerns regarding allergies but they addressed all that as well,” said Nikita, a third-year student at KMC. “I thought it was going to be very crowded, but it wasn’t. They asked all beneficiaries to follow a standard operating procedure, which included calling the designated number, in case of any symptoms” she elaborated on the whole procedure.

The next dose of the vaccine is scheduled for four weeks later, where a similar process is expected to run, following the same guidelines and precautions.

Featured Image Courtesy: Prayaag Sengupta

Edited By: Diya Nayak