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TED Circles Hosts its First Virtual Event with TEDxManipal1 min read

September 27, 2021 < 1 min read

TED Circles Hosts its First Virtual Event with TEDxManipal1 min read

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TEDxManipal hosted its first edition of TED Circles, a virtual hour-long event attended by an audience of 25 people. TED Circles is a community to facilitate open conversations on various themes monthly and brought this experience to the Manipal community with the theme “Imagination”.


The discussion was preceded by a TED talk by Charles Faulkner, an American writer and life coach titled,  “Imagination: It’s Not What You Think. It’s How You Think”. After the talk, the audience was divided into groups to discuss the talk and the theme of the event. The salient points that were discussed included the power of imagination to change people’s perspectives, and how it can be used positively as well as negatively. The discussion also touched upon the concepts of visualising and manifesting and the power of changing dreams into reality.


The event was wrapped up with a speech from Dr Raghu Radhakrishnan, Director of International Affairs and Collaborations at MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education), who thanked the organising hosts for their efforts. 


Despite the challenges of a digital event with a sizeable audience, the event facilitated interactive discussions. Commenting on this, Khushi Prasad, a host of the event said, “Everyone had the chance to speak about how they visualised the world in terms of innovation and technological advancements.”


The audience members expressed satisfaction with the well-organised virtual event “Everyone was given a chance to speak. It was great to have insights from everyone and I would love to attend an event like this in the future,” said Kavin, an audience member. The event saw Kashish Miglani and Vani Mittal as organisers. 


Edited By: Anirban Chakroborti

Featured Image Courtesy: TEDxManipal